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Monday, July 20, 2009

New Bunk Beds!

Yep... there's Will on the top bunk! As soon as the guys finished putting the beds together, Will climbed right up the ladder. We're gonna have to make the ladder a "no no".

Will was anxious to try out his new bed this afternoon... as soon as I had it made he climbed right up and laid down.

Bed time!

Shepard couldn't quit giggling and laughing when it was finally time to get to go to bed! He was SO excited to sleep in his new bed and he told us this one of his favorite days. He was almost laughing hysterically out of pure joy... you just can't help but smile with him and he makes it all so much fun.

Good night, Will! Doesn't he look cozy in his new big boy bed? :) Alright, John and I are in shock... we've been waiting for the sound of little feet pittering on the floor - ready to deal out some training discipline about staying in bed for our little guy who is a big bed first-timer - and to our amazement all three boys just immediately went to sleep. They didn't even talk. I'm thinking that John did a really great job of laying down the law before the lights went out. I'm just still amazed because Will is definitely our little adventurous one... but bless his heart, he did so good tonight!
Josiah has been sick all day so we didn't take any extra pictures of him tonight... he was just anxious to get some sleep. Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow and really enjoy his new bed.

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  1. Yay for new beds!!! Wow the bedroom looks so different now! Have fun boys! And I hope Josiah is feeling better today!