"Love the Lord your God, walk in all His ways, obey His commands, hold fast to Him and serve Him with all your heart and soul." Joshua 22:5

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New pictures of Shepard

I still needed a picture of Shepard for the yearbook...  so I snapped a few this afternoon.  These are some of my favorites.
I keep changing my mind about which one to use in the yearbook...  any votes?

Friday, March 16, 2012

MSM is 700!

It's been mine and John's theme lately.
After 16 (almost 17) years of marriage, we have quite a few traditions.
They make us smile.  They make us remember.  They make us reflect.
We laugh... a LOT.
What good is a tradition unless you keep doing them?!?
Another MSM milestone and the tradition continues...
a cookie cake!
The kids love this tradition.  They would eat a cookie cake every single day. :)
And we smiled.  We remembered the lean times, the beginning and the in-between times.  And we reflected on the Lord's goodness and remembered to give thanks and praise to Him.

John, I'm so proud of you!!!!

just playing with my camera and more

I just wanted to check the sunlight at a certain time of day for taking pictures...  the kids were outside playing.  The sunlight was gorgeous - a really beautiful spring day!  And my kids' laughter made my heart melt!

Then came the disagreement.  I kept snapping pictures anyway. 
Life isn't always sunshine and smiles.
We must work to know God in EVERY moment.
Living to learn His ways.
Seeking Him in EVERY moment!
All of life's joy and pain.
Because HE is EVERYTHING! 

Those precious boys...  they did work it out.  We had sunshine and smiles again... eventually.
It's the working through where we grow.
I pray that in those hard moments we remember to know and seek the One worthy of our quest.
Shepard's words still ring in my heart, "Mama, God is good."  ALL THE TIME, precious children!
The Lord is usually teaching me more...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Growing Kids Sale Spring 2012

We're at the final sprint now... only two more days to go.
Today was a day of rest... much needed!  I don't think anyone in my whole house got out of bed before NOON - thanks to losing an hour last night for daylight savings.
The rest of the day was spent with LOTS of happy togetherness hugs!  I couldn't get enough!  I was just so delighted for all five of us to be home together again.
I made my bed for the first time in a week.  Sometimes it's just the little things that bring so much joy!
I caught up on my email with a cup of hot orange spice tea...  which felt great on my increasingly sore throat.  (It's almost impossible to do the Growing Kids Sale without getting sick! :) This weekend several of our family crew were battling sick bugs.)
But, again we were SO blessed by the sale!  It was so wonderful to see so many friends and also, to catch the feeling that the sale is a blessing to so many folks.  I hope so!

My most favorite quotes from this sale:
"God is good!" from Shepard at a completely unexpected, but perfect time for a reminder.
"Love ya!" from Brandy at my favorite chuckle moment!
And then finding two of our workers in the break area praying together!  Wow!
Blessed indeed!

Here are some pictures of Josiah and Shepard working at the sale:
Josiah worked "carry-out" for the first time and he did great!  I was really encouraged to see him interact with the shoppers in such a respectful way.  I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming!

Shepard came out to see Josiah doing a carry-out.

Working the concession stand!

Love this man!  He always impresses me with the way he sets up all our technology stuff and oversees the check-out area.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Josiah finally got his rabbit!  It's black... just like he wanted!  Can you see it? :)
Wouldn't you know we found it in the middle of the Growing Kids Sale week...  but we managed to get it and Josiah is really enjoying the little fella!