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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back to School

This week was Back to School at the Wasson house!
The only one of us who was actually very excited about it was Will...
because he is finally big enough to be in school like his brothers!

And so far he is a very exuberant little learner!

Last night on the spur of the moment we went outside and took some "back to school" pictures...
can you believe I put them in "fall clothes" in this July heat wave?  But yesterday evening it actually cooled off a little (that just means it wasn't sweltering) so we took advantage of it.

We have to do at least one silly shot! 

Here are my favorites of their individual pictures:




Sunday, July 15, 2012

NLR Family Camp - part 4

So, here's all the rest of the pictures for the blog.

One night the kids had a special dinner where they got to dress up.  Shep's was a "hoedown" and Will's was a "hero" party.

Mr. Brave and the boys 

We really plan to build one of these for our house!

Mr. Brave had to go...  (Will almost didn't know what to do)

Our boys with our friends' kids...  we loved being at camp together!

NLR Family Camp - part 3

CARNIVAL NIGHT is a lot of fun...  games, food, music, etc.

Our "hobbit" loves the food!  Cotton candy... oh yes!

They spent a lot of time on the bounce arounds

Face painting!

There were lots of free time activities.  Here's just a couple pics.

Will played in the pool as much as possible with our counselor, Mr. Brave, (as we call him).  Will adored him and followed him everywhere... he was always in his lap, holding his hand or near him.  And Mr. Brave (Braden) was so kind.  He set such a great example of Christlike servanthood.  We loved having him as a role model for our boys!  He was our co-counselor two years ago, so it was great having him as our counselor again!

Next post:  The rest of the pictures from Family Camp 2012 :)

NLR Family Camp - part 2

The next ropes element that the boys did was the SCREAMER... they love this one, too!!

Pulling Josiah up... up... up...

Shep's turn... going up...

This was Will's first time to do the Screamer, too.  He was fearless.
And he became good friends with Mr. Patton.


New Life Ranch Family Camp - Summer 2012

The week of July 4th we were at Family Camp at New Life Ranch...
it was SUCH A GREAT TIME!!!!
We love it!
It's not the kind of vacation where you come home rested...  but we are rejuvenated.  It's great to "unplug" from the world and make fun memories as a family.  We were especially encouraged by the staff and their heart to serve the Lord.
So...  now that I am finally caught up on my rest :) I'll post pictures from some of the activities from camp. 

One of the boys' favorites...  the ZIPLINE!
(And this year Will got to do it, too!!)

 Shep climbing up

Will waiting with our counselor, Mr. Brave

 Josiah climbing up

 Will being pulled up...  he was too short to reach the pegs

 It's a long way down!!  They all loved it!

Next post:  the SCREAMER...


I'm back to an iPhone...  with hubby's blessing...  because he loves me. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Canned Tomato Juice

See these wonderful jars of red juice?  It's a labor of love to get all that juice from the tomato into those secure little jars.  It's hot work...  but YUM!! 
I haven't canned anything in a couple of years...  we haven't had a garden in awhile.
But when we moved to our new house, I reserved some empty shelves just for home canned food.  The shelves have stayed empty...  waiting for those sweet jars to come.
I called my mom...  I have tomatoes...  15 lbs...  how much will that can??  She loaded up and came over the mountain and we cut up tomatoes, cooked and stirred, poured and measured, smashing juice through my grandma's old sieve on the day that would have been grandma's 75th wedding anniversary.  And mom and I talked and laughed and shared the afternoon together.  And ended up with 11 pint jars.  I love those beautiful jars setting on my shelf holding hope of more jars to come, but even more I love the time spent with my mom!

The rest of Josiah's birthday pictures

We have lots of fun with birthdays...  lots of family and friends to celebrate with...  we can celebrate for weeks!! 
Here are pictures from the all the rest of Josiah's celebrations...

(Don't skip over this picture without seeing Will...  that's an orange in his mouth!)

Happy 13th!