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Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Canned Tomato Juice

See these wonderful jars of red juice?  It's a labor of love to get all that juice from the tomato into those secure little jars.  It's hot work...  but YUM!! 
I haven't canned anything in a couple of years...  we haven't had a garden in awhile.
But when we moved to our new house, I reserved some empty shelves just for home canned food.  The shelves have stayed empty...  waiting for those sweet jars to come.
I called my mom...  I have tomatoes...  15 lbs...  how much will that can??  She loaded up and came over the mountain and we cut up tomatoes, cooked and stirred, poured and measured, smashing juice through my grandma's old sieve on the day that would have been grandma's 75th wedding anniversary.  And mom and I talked and laughed and shared the afternoon together.  And ended up with 11 pint jars.  I love those beautiful jars setting on my shelf holding hope of more jars to come, but even more I love the time spent with my mom!

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  1. Good for you!! Yay for home-canned goodness, and beautiful memories made and remembered. :)