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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Latest photo shoot of the boys

Last week I took the boys out to get some new pictures. I absolutely love all the backgrounds I had to work with at the old Ozark Smokehouse. The boys had fun playing there and finding berries. Will is HARD to take pictures of... he delights in "not" looking at the camera. Josiah and Shepard are much easier and really tried to cooperate with my ideas. Josiah even had plenty of his own ideas for pictures, so that was fun.

There was an ant hill here and they were all afraid of biting ants, so they were carefully checking them out. We didn't stay here very long. :)

So handsome! My fantastic 10-year-old!

See that personality??

More personality!

Cutie! My precious 5-year-old!

This one cracks me up... see those tongues?! :)

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