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Friday, March 12, 2010

Sickness Making the Rounds

We've had a lot of sickness at our house lately.  Josiah got it first and had it the worst...  he ran fevers over 104 for three days, but he is feeling much better now, just a lingering yucky cough and he always has trouble getting over a cough.  Then Shepard got it, but his fever was only high for one day.  At it's peak, he was sitting in the comfy chair wrapped up a in a blanket watching a video (for the second time) and I suggested that he might like to close his eyes and rest.  He answered, "Well, Mom, I really want to watch this show and I just can't be asleep and awake at the same time!"  The next day he was feeling much better, his temp was down to 102 and he said, "Mom, I feel like a human again!"  By that evening he said he was feeling like a "man". :)  I love those precious quotes!  Shepard is back to normal now and feeling good.  But, then Will got it.  He just had a low temp, but then he woke up in the night two nights ago with croup.  Josiah used to get that as a baby, so we knew what to do, but it's still scary.  After several episodes, we finally put Will in bed with us so we could monitor him a little more closely.  He preferred my pillow to John's and he kept spreading out more and more...  that little stinker practically pushed me off the bed! :)  John and I are still hoping that we don't get it and that we're all in good health again soon!

Oh, I've got to tell about one of my favorite new things that the guys are doing now!  In the evening just before the kids go to bed, all the boys crawl up in John's lap and they take turns telling each other knock, knock jokes.  They laugh and laugh and beg for one more round!  The jokes are hilarious...  not because the jokes are always so funny, but because they get so tickled at themselves.  I'm on the sidelines for this activity...  it's for the "guys", but I love just watching them have FUN together!

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