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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shooting Fire Bombs... uh, fireworks

A family of boys...  they want to SHOOT fireworks (or fire bombs as Will calls them).  So, ok, I'll give up the big fireworks shows - actually, I don't mind because I like watching the boys - all FOUR of them - have so much fun.  But, honestly, John got enough fireworks to give us a pretty nice little show anyway!

So, here's the boys and my mom down at the creek at my parents' house playing with our daytime explosions.  I think they especially loved hearing them explode under water.
Shepard is our resident pyro-technician...  he wants to try it all!
Will would rather play with the stuff that "drives" and he eventually went inside to watch a movie.  The big booms were a little too much for him...  kinda "sceeeary" he says.
Fire powder!!
Wow!  (I missed the shot of Shepard shooting his Roman Candle.)  Brave fellas!
Sparkler fun!
This was one of our favorite shots from the evening! 
Grandpa got in on the action, too!

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  1. Happy belated 4th! What great pictures! Hope you are all doing well. We love you!