"Love the Lord your God, walk in all His ways, obey His commands, hold fast to Him and serve Him with all your heart and soul." Joshua 22:5

Monday, November 29, 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Most of us have been a little under the weather this weekend, but we did manage to get our Christmas stuff out of the attic and set up.  We just did everything in little bits at a time.  Shepard was soooo anxious... he has been waiting for the Christmas dvd's all year and then, finally, today we got the decorations on the tree.  Will keeps saying "look at the crisscriss tree"!  I tried a new setting on my camera and I need to work with it a bit more, but I love how it captures the glow of the lights from the tree kinda like it really feels.  There is just something so "magical" about Christmas lights. 

I really do love how the kids decorate the tree.  Most of the ornaments are at the bottom and then up as high as they can reach with the stepstool, but the top of the tree is bare.  I just think that is so sweet and I love how they enjoy the fruit of their labor.  One day we won't have "little" boys and there will probably be decorations at the top of the tree...  but isn't it wonderful how it is now?!


  1. I love the pictures! Yes, the boys did an EXCELLENT job on the tree! :) It looks awesome!

  2. I love the one of Josiah. Very cool setting!