"Love the Lord your God, walk in all His ways, obey His commands, hold fast to Him and serve Him with all your heart and soul." Joshua 22:5

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fire at the Wasson House - Round 2

The hero of the night is...  Josiah!  He's the one who noticed that the bricks on the back side of the fireplace were hot...  too hot.  We wondered how they could be so hot - we haven't had another fire in the fireplace since Sunday when the flu caught fire.  John decided to drive over the fire station and ask the firemen about it.  He came home with the firemen in tow...  and only two firetrucks this time. :)  This time it wasn't quite as nerve wracking...  no sirens either.  They came in and within minutes the temperature at the chimney went from 200 to 300 degrees.  The only way to get to the hot spot was to punch a hole through the brick.  And on the other side of the brick was a glowing ball of fire, about the size of a basketball.  From everything they said, it was in a very unusual place and a chimney sweep would not have been able to get to it.  They also said that if we hadn't caught it, the wall next to the chimney likely would have caught fire...  maybe even in the middle of the night.  Scary thoughts! 

Josiah and Shepard had plans to spend the night with Mammie tonight, but they had to cancel because one of Shelley's clients went into labor today.  The boys were so sad about the change of plans - although they handled it well.  After this, I had told Josiah that we can trust the Lord and His timing of events and we can have confidence that He is in control, even if we don't understand the timing.  After the firemen left our house tonight, I wrapped my arms around Josiah and let him know that in His wisdom, God had allowed Josiah to be home with us tonight so that we could be protected from the danger of the fire.  He smiled as he realized how the Lord had used him and I think the Lord made Himself known a little more in Josiah's heart tonight.  Again, we rejoice in the Lord's protection and are grateful for our home.

This time I got pictures. :)

Will visited with the firemen so much while they were at the house, that they ended up inviting him outside to see the truck.  Awesome! 

Josiah enjoyed his chance to sit in the driver's seat of the big fire truck! 

Poor Shep...  he started running fever this evening and he actually slept through almost the whole ordeal.  Even while they were pounding on the bricks, he slept...  right there in the room with us. 

The hole... 

The hero! 

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  1. yikes...
    so so thankful to hear how josiah saved the day!

    very scary.

    glad you are all safe and sound~