"Love the Lord your God, walk in all His ways, obey His commands, hold fast to Him and serve Him with all your heart and soul." Joshua 22:5

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My 41st birthday

My precious boys spent the day shopping with me.  That's a huge gift of love since they all despise shopping. :)  We didn't find anything we were looking for except I did get to try on a watch I was looking for.  We drove all the way to Tulsa and the only other store I wanted to shop was closed when we got there.  Yes, I cried.  But, then we got to eat dinner at P.F.Changs - yum!  That was the first time the boys had eaten there and they all loved it.  I got to spend the whole day with my family - John and the boys - and I just adore being with all of them.  I am truly blessed.
And John surprised me tonight with a birthday cake. (chocolate fudge - oh ya!)  We didn't have one on my actual birthday and he wanted me to have candles to blow out.  I love that guy!!

Happy Birthday to me!

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