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Friday, November 11, 2011

Flying High - A Totally Awesome Day

Veteran's Day
What better way to spend Veteran's Day than with my favorite veteran...  my DAD!

Today was the BIG day!  The boys went for their first ride in an airplane and GRANDPA was flying it!
It was a gorgeous day...  sunny!  But the wind - oh my!  Let's just say it gave us an unforgettable ride and a few queasy stomachs.  But, my dad is an expert aviator so we were in great hands!

The boys have been asking to fly for a long time...  we just couldn't let the opportunity pass by to fly with grandpa.  So, we rented a little plane and had a very special and memorable day with the kids.

So, here's how it went...  I drove to Springdale with Shepard and Will and the three of us flew with my dad back to Fort Smith...  (it was a 4-seater airplaine) 

Loved, loved, loved seeing the moutains from the air...  we live in such a beautiful part of the world!
My mind was flooded with scriptures as we flew along.  And with the perspective of being in the air even the mightiest things on earth seem small and inconsequential and I thought, "what is man that you are mindful of him?"  And yet, HE IS!  I rejoiced anew in a loving savior! 
Shepard had his turn at the controls!  A very awesome experience for a 7-year-old!
(I remember my dad taking me flying when I was Shep's age and he let me "fly" too.) 
A huge highlight of the trip was flying over our farm!
I was able to get some really awesome aerial photos of our place as we circled around.
(John and Josiah were in the front yard waving at us!) 

Next, John and Josiah met us at the Fort Smith airport and then it was their turn to fly back to Springdale!
(Shep realized that there was an empty seat in the plane and he asked to ride again so he rode in the backseat this time!) 
Oh, I love this crew of boys!!!!! 
Thanks, Dad, for taking a picture of me with my family! 
I hear Josiah did quite a bit of the flying on the way home and that he LOVED it!
Probably one of his most favorite homeschooling days!  I know he learned a lot!  (Thanks for taking time to teach him, Dad!)

And, there they go! 

It's been so fun listening to the boys talk about their flying experience this evening.  It made quite an impression!  One of my favorites has been Will randomly saying over and over all throughout the rest of the day, "I've never flown before!"  And we'll say, but now you have!  And he'll smile big and say "Yes, I have!"  He was pretty funny during the flight because he was completely enthralled with the whole experience and afraid all at the same time.  He would lean over and say, "This is awesome!!!"  And then he would lean over and say "I don't want to fly again!"  But, tonight one of the last things he said before going to bed was, "When can I fly again?!"  I have a feeling we're going to be hearing that a lot... :)


  1. That is just SOOO neat! What a special day that they'll always remember!