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Saturday, December 17, 2011

More A Christmas Carol pictures

It's been two weeks since the boys were in the play...  they are still quoting the lines and acting out all the parts.  Will KEEPS singing Carol of the Bells - it's his own version since he never quite learned all the right words...  super cute!  Well, I think it's cute...  I think it's driving his brothers crazy. :)

John is an awesome tech guy/ spotlight operator!
(I wish I had gotten a picture of Josiah running the other spotlight.) 

Stage makeup!
This was definitely a first for our guys...  I thought they might throw a fit, but they handled it well.  I think it actually turned out to be fun for them. 

Tiny Tim was supposed to be pale...  and Shep has fairly dark skin, so they had to lighten him up quite a bit. 

Waiting in the green room... 

Oops, this picture got out of order and I can't figure out how to move it. :)
This was taken before we left the house for the last performance. 

Here's all the boys with their t-shirts before we left for the last performance... 

More time in the green room... 

If there's food, Shep is eating it!
(Just ask Mrs. Cratchit about the chunk that was missing from the Cratchit turkey!) 

Planning the prank for Mr. Cratchit...   

Miss Jolene (producer/ director), you are awesome!! 

The whole cast 

A sweet momento hanging on our tree... 

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