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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Manna Lesson

We've been studying ancient Egypt in our homeschool lessons and it has been so interesting!  We are learning a lot.  Me too! :)  So, we've just reached the part of history where the Israelites leave Egypt...  the Exodus.  So, one morning last week the boys woke up to "manna" (a.k.a. popcorn) for breakfast.  And they had to gather it to eat it.  Sometimes "doing" is the best way to learn!
There were mixed reactions...  some thought this was a very fun treat and they were excited to "live" what we are learning.  Another fought disappointment over not getting his usual cereal and begun to grumble.  Hmmm... I have a feeling that this was probably a lot like the Israelites... some grateful, most not.  But, even my grateful little fellows began to lose heart when they found out that "manna" was also our mid morning snack and maybe even lunch too.  :) 
There was much rejoicing (and perhaps even a huge sigh of relief) when a normal lunch was served that day.  We tried to imagine 40 years of manna... 

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