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Monday, October 29, 2012

Charky, Sunday at the farm and Joey

Charky is the most beloved hen on our farm.  She belongs to Josiah.  Which is good for her because apparently she is at the very bottom of the pecking order in the chicken barn.  And that just prompts Josiah to spoil her more.  Little Charky is hand fed all the special treats - that way the boys are sure she gets some, too.  She is held and petted the most.  Even the other two boys love Charky the most...  just because Josiah does. 
See how spunky little Charky is? :)
Here are some pictures from our Sunday afternoon on the farm... (working and playing)...
John is building some new rabbit cages and Shep and Will are digging tunnels in the dirt mound.

Speaking of animals at the farm, Joey (our cat) had a big adventure this week.  When we got home from a fall festival on Friday evening, Shepard found Joey all snuggled up on the pillows on his bed.  (Joey is never allowed inside so we were REALLY surprised to find him there!!  He must have snuck in while we were loading the car and nobody saw him.)  If Joey wasn't a boy, I think I'd rename him "Goldilocks" because of all the beds in our house, he knew exactly which one was "just right"!  Shepard is the one who loves Joey most.

"Goldilocks" as a baby with Shepard.   (They've both changed quite a bit in the last year!)

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