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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clothing Try-On Day

So, today worked out perfectly to be the day that all the boys try on their clothes from last fall/ winter so that we know which ones to sell at the Growing Kids Sale and which ones still fit. Nobody really looks forward to this day. :) But, we have a better system in place this time because all the fall/ winter clothes are in one closet now. So, the boys took turns youngest to oldest hanging out with me in the room with the clothes. Will was easy... nothing fits, so we sell it all! Next was Shepard and he was doing great until he started getting all goofy and then he was full of wiggles and giggles. He cracked me up with his little opinions about the clothes and this one was my favorite, "Mom, this shirt is totally inappropriate." It was funny because he doesn't really know what inappropriate means... but I think he was talking about the sleeves on that particular shirt being too short. We finally finished his session and then came Josiah and I definitely appreciated his maturity and ability to help me. He can hang up his own clothes after trying them on... amazing how the little things make a difference. :) Most of his clothes still fit from last year, so he doesn't have much to sell. What surprised me was how much he enjoyed trying on clothes this year... he has always really disliked it... but this time, he actually seemed to enjoy the clothes. So next... tagging it all! :) But, first, we still have to try on shoes and go through all the toys!

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