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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making a Volcano

I admit it...  I felt like a cool mommy today! :)  We are studying volcanoes in school right now - a subject that my boys love.  I hate to admit it, but I'm not one of those fun moms who does lots of projects with our school (or any time really).  But today we made our own clay from scratch and then shaped our volcano.  I'm sure lots of families have done this same experiment, but this seemed like a big project to us.  (And actually, now that I know how super easy it is to make clay, we could do this again!)  Now we just wait a couple days for the clay to harden and then we'll paint it and create an explosion - that's the really cool part.  Here are the boys working with the clay...  you can see that Shepard did not like to get his hands dirty.  So, Josiah did most of the work and Will was eager to join him.  That is, until Will fell off the bench with a big crash bruising his chin and biting his tongue in two places - yes, there was blood.

Isn't it a beaut?!  I explained that real volcanoes don't have smooth edges either. :)

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