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Thursday, April 8, 2010

We have wabbits!

Last weekend the weather brought a change in plans, so on the spur of the moment we decided to take the kids to Little Rock to attend a US Senate Forum.  We talked to several candidates afterwards and we are working hard at being discerning about which candidate to support.  The primary is in about a month and we understand that these elections are a big deal.  They all are.  Americans still enjoy the freedom of voting for the candidate of our choice - as a people we haven't been choosing very well, though - so, we'd love to make a difference by helping to elect better representatives.  If anybody wants more details on our research and who we are thinking about supporting, let me know!  Maybe I'll post more about that later...

So, we spent the night at a hotel in Little Rock - the same hotel where the Tea Party Express was staying - we enjoyed seeing their buses.  The boys LOVED being able to swim in the indoor pool!  And they get so excited about staying in a hotel.  Then the next morning we headed over to the Beebe Flea Market to try to buy some rabbits.  When we showed up the ground was a soupy, muddy mess.  I cringed knowing what was happening to my car as we drove around looking for a parking spot.  I knew I dreaded walking in the mud - I've just always had a strong aversion to it - ask my parents about the picture of all the kids in the mud!  (The other kids were all covered from head to toe and they MADE me get in the picture and I'm practically standing there on my tip toes!  Okay, that's enough memory lane. :))  But, the funny thing is that my boys - at least the oldest two who were walking (Will was in the stroller) - had the same reaction as me about walking in the mud.  They were starting to complain and John was perplexed - a boy who doesn't like to walk in the mud?!  It took a little walking, but they eventually got over it.  John said all the locals were laughing at me as I gingerly tiptoed down the paths.  We better get out to our farm, soon, and get accustomed to the dirt!

Well, anyway, we got three new rabbits at the Beebe Flea Market.  Shepard has been wanting a pet so bad, so he picked out a gray rabbit and named him Thumper.  We also got a mating pair because John wants to learn how to raise them for meat.  Will named the girl Mama Wabbit and the boy earned the name Sneezer. 

Shepard is learning how to hold his rabbit.


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