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Friday, May 13, 2011

Move Update

We are driving home from the homeschool convention in Arlington, TX and I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store. I'm so excited about all our new school books for next year! And I'm so grateful for John's willingness to go with me and help me make decisions. His help is invaluable to me. He has such great insight and I know his input makes our "school" better. Now we just need to finish this year's work so we can be ready to start all these new great materials!

We've been off school for about three weeks now while we moved to our new home. Packing, moving, unpacking...whew, it's a big job! But we are digging out from under all those boxes and quickly getting settled into our new home. Our beloved Green Gabled Acres is more often referred to as "the farm". And we absolutely love living at this place. I already have many treasured memories at the new house. Funny things like when a bird flew in the house and darted all over the upstairs...that was quite an adventure! I've really loved watching Josiah sit on the fishing pier to read his book. What a beautiful and peaceful place to read. And Shep has really enjoyed playing with his toy boat in the pond overflow stream. (It rained the whole first week aft er we moved and the ponds performed perfectly with their overflows.). And how cute is Will walking around everywhere outside in his rain boots (rain or shine). He's pretty excited about his new fireman boots. Life here is wonderful! Breakfast on the front porch and my sunset walks around the property are my favorite things. Ahhhh! And of course it's fun to watch John working outside and doing lots of mowing. We had our first mowing adventure when we had to pull the mower out from the muddy area around the bank of the pond with John's XTerra.

And I have to thank our wonderful family and friends for helping us so much with our move!! We could not have done it without these special people.

I hope to post moving pics soon now that my computer is set up again. More later...

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