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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. - the geese

Everything at Green Gabled Acres seems to have a name.  I've often admired people who have the knack for naming stuff - that just seems fun - but I've never had enough creativity to do that.  But, at our farm, it just seems to come naturally...  at least so far.  And actually, I guess I'm still not "creative" with the naming, but if if it fits I can't seem to help but name it.  So, our geese pair that live at our pond have become "Mr. and Mrs." to me.  They are so cute always walking around together.  And on Mother's Day weekend their eggs hatched and they have four little geese parading around everywhere with them now.  I just love watching our geese family trot around!  The other day when I drove home I had to stop and let them pass over the drive, so I got out and snapped this picture while I waited.  Life at the farm is FUN!

Oh, and the other day I found Will sitting here by the barn while he was waiting for me to come back from my walk.  Too cute!

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