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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Fall Campfire

Last night the boys were gathering sticks so that John and Josiah could get the yard mowed today.
(It's probably been a month since the grass has been mowed...  because of the sale... and the rain... and it's been looking a bit like a jungle here!  That's ok!  It will make it easy to see their cutting lines!)
Here's some TEAMWORK getting that big branch to the burn pile.
And Josiah got to cut it up...
When the younger boys saw the fire, they got VERY excited for a bonfire/ campfire...  dinner by the fire.  So, as the sun set, we gathered up an impromptu dinner of hot dogs and chili and the fixings for s'mores.  We pulled the chairs around the fire.  Lots of laughter and squeals of delight!  It wasn't long before the boys were forging "smarshmallows" in the fire of Mt. Doom!  One "smarshmallow" to RULE THEM ALL! :)
The stars began to twinkle...  we cleaned up dinner...  and then slept in our own comfy beds.  Country living ROCKS!

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