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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photo highlights from GKS Fall 2012

Here are some pictures that I got from GKS during the last two weeks.
Josiah got to operate the barcoding station during drop-offs this time!  He did a great job!  I really loved having him there all the time.

I couldn't resist...  I had to get a picture of my hubby wearing an apron!
He sure looks cute!
Here's our kids running the concession stand! (Will had his first chance to work in the concession stand at this sale!)

And our three boys together at the sale...

Shepard was SO excited to get to do a radio interview.  (He did a tv interview, too, but they didn't air his segment.  He was a little disappointed, but it was still a great experience.)
Here he is with Megan and Carigan and Spirit 106.3... the radio station did air his interview!

Josiah got to work carry-out again...  another great experience!
Josiah and Jax working together...
Cousin togetherness!!
And I have to show you what Shep and Will were doing at home when they stayed with Miss Jolene on some days...  awesome fun!
We are incredibly thankful for another great sale!!
And, we are settling back in to normal life again now that the sale is over. 
I lit some candles today...  enjoyed being all together at home again!

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