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Saturday, March 16, 2013

GKS Spring 2013

Here are a few pictures from our spring GKS event.  It was a great sale! 
John and Josiah setting up computers...
Josiah worked the barcode station again during drop-offs. It's awesome having him there! He knows just what to do and he's great at it.  Megan enjoyed learning to print the barcodes too... so Josiah and Megan worked together quite a bit.
Shepard volunteered to hold doors open for the consignors while they were bringing in their items for drop-off.  That is such a huge help!  He worked quite a lot with Carigan and they had a great time!
Shepard's favorite pasttime when he's not working at the sale is to ride his ripstik there.  He began learning at the last sale in the fall - then spent his hard-earned money to buy his own ripstik and has practiced a lot, so he was ready for this sale.  I'm not good at action shots, but this is kinda cool to see him zooming by...
I'm not sure how Shepard got to draw the winner for the big giveaway from Kids Play...  (he probably just asked the guy if he could do it! :)  )  But here he is drawing the winner...

The Wassons Boys
(Gotta love the blue mustache!  That's just who he is, folks! He is our spark!)
Jessica Meinardus took this picture of the whole family at the sale! 

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