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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My favorite GKS story from spring 2013

This is my favorite story story from the sale this time... as it was told to me.  (I sure wish I had seen it!)
On Thursday night during drop-offs, apparently Shepard noticed a military guy there with his family dropping off their stuff to sell. As Shep told me later, he got to thinking about what that guy might have been through and he really just wanted to say “thanks”… but he was a little shy about it, so he decided to just write him a note. Apparently the note said, “Thanks for what you do” – (I wonder how it was actually spelled.) :-)  Anyway, completely unknown to any of us, Shep goes over to the guy and hands him the note and then just went back to what he was doing. A little while later, John noticed the soldier walk right over to Shep and rip the flag patch off his shirt sleeve and hand it to Shep. Shepard was completely surprised and taken aback, but gave the guy a big grin and said “Thanks!!” John didn’t know anything about the note at the time so he couldn’t figure out what was going on… but he said it was a lot like watching that Coke commercial with the football player in the tunnel when the kid runs after him and hands him a coke and then he turns around and throws him his jersey!!
Shepard told me later that flag patch has been a big encouragement to him. He said that whenever he feels like he needs a little encouragement, he just thinks about that flag!
I took this picture after he came to tell me about what had happened.  He was so proud of that flag!

Seeing Shep’s heart and his willingness to show gratefulness to that soldier made me so proud!

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  1. Oh wow! I just teared up! Great story. I just love it. Love those tender hearts!!!