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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Apple Pickin' Time

We've had an extremely bountiful harvest of apples this year!  Last weekend the boys picked apples from one of the Gala trees and got 12 bags of apples - each bag about 20 lbs!!  And there were still apples on that tree when they finished. 
I wish I could show my Instagram video here of the boys picking the apples!  It was hilarious!  They were shaking the apples out of the tree onto a tarp that the boys were holding and they kept getting hit in the head with apples.  Apple pickin' is dangerous!  (at our place anyway!) LOL.

That's a LOT of apples!  Okay, so let's just add apple processing to one of our busiest weeks of the year!  My mom came on Monday and we spent the entire day cutting, chopping, cooking apples!  We ended up with 21 jars of applesauce and about 14 jars of apple butter.  The boys helped...  although they weren't too crazy about it...  but it was great to have extra hands operating the apple corer/peeler/slicers!  Those things are amazing and have made the job much easier!  And I was excited to figure out how to make apple butter in the crock pot!  Yippee!
I made even more apple butter again today! 

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