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Friday, August 9, 2013

NLR Family Camp 2013

Fun!  Fun!  Fun!
We had such a great time at Family Camp again.  It's so fun to be at the Ranch again and share it with our kiddos.  It's always one of the highlights of our summer.
Just gotta say that the speaker this year was exceptionally great!
This is going to be a major photo dump!
Family Camp 2013:
Skeet shooting!
John is awesome at this!

Josiah tried it for the first time...  not his favorite thing.

Mr. Legolas  here!  Seriously, he shot just like him and he did great!

Getting ready for the ropes elements...
At the SCREAMER...

Time for the ZIP LINE...

Doing it all again... (the next day!)

Josiah is conquering the climbing wall...


Love this pic of Will with our summer staff guy, Mr. Mitchell.

Screamer again for this guy...

Will and Josiah were excited to learn how to do a flip off the diving board!
Mr. Mitchell could do a double flip.  So, Will told me he was working on his double.  I asked him how that was going.  He said, "Not so good". :)

The after-camp family pictures!

Love this place!
Love what they are doing there...  it's changed so much over the years.
While the heart and message of the gospel are still the same, the improvements to the facilities and programs are really wonderful.
I know that's a lot of pictures, but it's still only just a tiny snapshot of everything we got to do.
There was creek hiking, canoeing, kayaking, making hobos, carnival night, game room, carpet ball, singing fun songs and playing silly games, and so much more!

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