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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas in pictures...
Beginning at the weekend slumber party at the Wassons...

Then Christmas at our house...
(We changed things a bit...  oops not "change", Josiah doesn't like that word, I meant we "switched" things around!  Okay, it's the same thing, but it sounds different.  LOL.)  We opened Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve...  that was a first for us!  The boys didn't like that idea at first, but now they love it and think that they'd probably like to do it like that again next year. :)  We'll see 'cause I'm still on the fence.  But, we had a great time together!  I love these special days with my family!!
These three handsome boys steal my heart!!!

(I guess I need to ask someone to take my picture sometimes so I have proof that I'm here too!  I should probably ask more often.)  Photo creds to Shep!

He was so surprised!  Josiah gave him his iPod for Christmas!

Christmas morning stockings!

My parents came over on Christmas day and we had so much fun hanging out.
(And the Duck Dynasty marathon...  laughing til we cried)
Sweet times!

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