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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MySaleManager.NET at NACEO

John and I had a great trip to Nashville this past weekend for the NACEO convention.  John was able to give a presentation of his MySaleManager.NET software that he developed for consignment events while we were there.  It was so wonderful to meet some of his clients and reconnect with others that we have met in the past.  And it was truly a blessing to hear so many wonderful comments from so many people about John's software and his great customer service.  I am definitely a proud wife!  I loved sharing this experience with him!  Here he is giving his presentation...
Now that we are back at home, my ever-humble hubby is already working hard to make improvements to his software.  He's already gained several new clients, too.  Driving home, we reflected on God's blessings to us and how grateful we are that God can use John's software to bless so many others!

We also really enjoyed staying with Josh and Joy for two nights in Nashville!  It was so great to see them and made me wish again that they lived closer, although I totally understand why they like living in the Nashville area...  it is a great place!  We are getting very excited to meet "Dubs"!
p.s.  The adventure trip to see Dave Ramsey's house was a blast! :)

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