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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2nd "face plant" this week

This picture is from "before"...

Here's sweet Willie's mug shot! :)  From what I understand - I didn't see it happen - he had a bicycle accident...  something about a water hose and wet pavement.  I think his face took the brunt of the fall, but he also hurt his finger and knee.  Yup...  more bandaids.  (Personally, I think the boys are in a race to see who can need the most bandaids at one time! haha)  So, anyway, now both Shepard and Will have scraped up faces...  although Shep's is healing fast.  Funny, neither one of them seem to mind - I think it's like some kind of badge of honor.  (Oh, we found out later that Shepard has a bruised/ sprained thumb after his jedi leap from the swing.)

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