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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Story Time at the Library

My kids love Story Time at the library and we have the most precious retired librarian who volunteers to lead it at our library.  Now that we are on summer break we can go!  Josiah is a little old for this group, so he played himself in a game of chess at the library while the other two participated in Story Time.  This is the first year that Will is old enough to join in...  last year I still had him sitting on my lap.  I've noticed a big change in Will ever since he potty trained - it's like he suddenly seems so much older.  For example, he wants to walk now instead of riding in the stroller and he's so determined to do everything "all by myself".  And when we go somewhere now I feel so light...  Without a diaper bag to carry around I'm constantly amazed that we can go somewhere without all the extra baggage.  It is nice, but I'm finding myself sentimental already about the bygone baby days...  they just slip right through your fingers.  Instead of lamenting though, I'm purposing to enjoy each stage of the journey and all the joy that it brings...  like watching Will and Shepard at Story Time. :)  These are precious times!!!  

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  1. Good morning, Heather! I just caught up on your blog, and I always love to read it and see your wonderful family pictures! This library one is so sweet! I love how you and Chas can enhance your already beautiful photos. I hope your day today is wonderful. Know I'm thinking of you and your sweet family! Love to you! Debbie