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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shep's busted lip

Ouch!  Shepard jumped out of the swing this afternoon and landed on his face.  We found him with a mouthful of blood and in a lot of pain.  I don't think this picture really shows how bad it was...  most of the damage was inside his bottom lip.  It took us awhile to clean out all the imbedded dirt in it.  He's tough though and he's doing fine...  just sore and swollen.  I told him that I think he is currently in the lead for the title of Most Injuries in the Wasson Boys.  That made him smile!  We have lots of small injuries here every day - I seriously think that we will single-handedly keep Band-Aid in business :), but Shepard definitely gets the prize for the most "big" injuries...  there was the gasoline in the eyes, the trip to the ER with the big cut on his foot, a different mouth injury where he took a chunk out of the roof of his mouth while running with a toy and the big head gash.  And he's just 5 years old!!

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