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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who's on First... is sooo sweet!

The other day I had Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First" conversation with Shepard...  the words were completely different, but it was basically the same conversation.  It was really funny.  There just really isn't much you can do in a spiraling conversation like that but admit defeat.  :) 

But, this same boy has such a big heart!  When he found out I was staying home alone to watch a webinar (about homeschooling boys) while John took all the boys out to eat, he immediately gasped and proclaimed, "Somebody has to stay here to protect mom!"  As they were leaving and he realized no one would be able to stay with me he came to me and suggested that I should be sure to lock all the doors after they left.  I love to see his manly protectiveness starting to develop.
And when he found me sobbing after a really bad haircut, he went to get John to check on me.  A little later - and on his own initiative - he made a special point to come find me and tell me that he liked my haircut.  I'm not sure if he really liked it (probably not because it's really bad!) but his heart so genuinely wanted to say something kind.  Every time that I cringe when looking at my hair I'm going to try to remember to be grateful for the opportunity to see Shepard's sweet heart.
Funny side note:  Somehow Josiah was oblivious to the bad haircut because it was mentioned in a conversation today and he was surprised to learn about it...  he hadn't even noticed it.  And I'm wondering how he could have missed all the drama, but I'm sure he must have had his nose buried in a computer game! :)

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