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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrating 15 years of marriage in New England!

Woohoo!!  I have always wanted to visit New England and what could possibly be better than visiting New England with my favorite person in the whole world??  It was a fantastic trip!  My hubby is the greatest guy in the world and I am enormously blessed.  We have so much fun together.  Every year of marriage is sweeter than the last.  Happy 15! 

Here are the highlights from our trip to Vermont...

1.  We got to fly!  I love to ride in airplanes, so that's always fun!  And I didn't realize that we would be flying over NYC to land at Newark and switch planes.  We got a great view of Long Island and the Statue of Liberty.  I've never been there before, so that was neat to see!

2.  The first thing we really noticed after arriving in Burlington, VT was that almost everyone drove a Subaru.  I had to laugh when John started taking pictures of the cars instead of the scenery! :)  It wasn't long until we were making a list of everything that was different than Arkansas...  it was a long list!  So many people outside walking their dogs and riding bikes, everything is locally grown and organic, huge "green" emphasis, no fast food or Wal-Mart, smaller meal portions at the restaurants, the people were polite but not talkative, of course the climate - which was AWESOME!  If we could only bring the scenery and the climate to Arkansas!

3.  One of our first stops was to visit Ben & Jerry's...  the ice cream was yummy!... 

We had a lot of fun driving around Vermont and seeing the beautiful scenery!

4.  We ferried over to upstate New York and drove in the Adirondacks.  Those mountains were gorgeous to look at!  And that was our first experience with a ferry - fun!

5.  More scenic Vermont drives!  The weather was incredible!  Windows down was a must!

Taking turns with pics at one of the covered bridges...

6.  We ate every single meal outside on the decks and verandas and porches of Vermont!  Aaahhh!  This was the view from our table one night for dinner.  It was a very casual little cafe but it was right on the water of Lake Champlain with a gorgeous view of the Adirondacks and a spectacular sunset.  We were sure we could get used to this!! :)
But, we both agreed that it was GREAT to get back to the south and the southern genteel culture that we are used to.  We have a new appreciation for life in the south...  although the muggy weather slapped us in the face when we came back, we were glad to be back in the familiarity of big cars, sweet tea, lots of smiling faces and the Bible belt!  Life is Good!!!

p.s.  I couldn't get this picture of NYC to insert at the right place...  so here it is.

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