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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back from Washington DC

Green (Gabled) Acres is the place to be
Farm livin' is the life for me
Land spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan (DC)
And give me that countryside

Are you humming the tune?!  We had a great trip to DC for the sale owner's convention and a few touristy sight seeing days, but we are HAPPY to be back home!  It was a lot of fun to see the nation's capital again - it's all so impressive and well, just really cool.

My favorite thing was touring the inside of the capitol building.  Really cool!  We got to watch the Senate in session - it was pretty interesting to watch the Senators give speeches to the wall.  Yes, really!  Who knew?  It looks a lot different on tv.  What was awful was that this was a record setting HOT day and we had to walk from the other end of the mall to the capitol for our appointment.  Did I mention the humidity?!  We were completely drenched in sweat by the time we got there...  seriously, drenched is an understatement.  Our tongues were so dry we could hardly talk!  And I had huge blisters on the bottom of both of my feet!  I guess we didn't do much to help the hillbilly perception of Arkansas.  We just walked in the Congressional office building, panting, soaked and stinky.  Kinda hard to shake hands with all those suits in that condition, but we did it anyway. :)

Visiting DC and seeing the city was fun, but city life is not for us.  We much prefer our sprawling acreage to the crowded bustle of so many people in one place.  But, we learned how to ride the metro and John drove all over DC, Georgetown and Alexandria...  amid lots of honks. haha  It was like Midtown Madness dejavu!

Then we had two days of the convention and it was great to meet a lot of John's clients there.  He did a session on his software and he really did a fantastic job!  I'm always SOOOO proud of the way he handles himself in business.  It's just a huge pleasure for me to watch him! 

  Our flights to DC went very smoothly, it was just coming home that got messed up.  We ended up stuck in Charlotte, NC and had to spend the night there before coming home a day later than planned. 
After unpacking, I went to find the boys and here they were...  (Josiah had walked out of the picture)...  but I knew John was just relishing the country air and the relaxed pace of home!

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