"Love the Lord your God, walk in all His ways, obey His commands, hold fast to Him and serve Him with all your heart and soul." Joshua 22:5

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Picking Up Sticks

We had a lot of limbs blown down out of our trees during the recent storms.  The boys have been working hard this weekend to get it all cleaned up.  Yard detail is a big job on a farm.  But, they have worked hard and done a fantastic job.  I've just loved watching them.  Josiah has become a pro at driving the riding lawn mower and Shep loves his ride on the back.  They go back and forth with limbs to throw in the woods.  And I love that every time they drive by my office window they wave at me!

Tonight, while John and I went for a walk, Josiah fired up the mower and gave his two little brothers a ride all over our property.  They had a blast!  Farm life has its perks!  And John and I enjoyed watching them so much.  It feels almost like we are living in a dream...  it's so exciting to be here and get to watch the boys adapt to "country living".  My heart overflows with "thank you, Lord".

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