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Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Life Ranch Family Camp 2011

We LOVE it!!
This is one of our favorite summer vacation destinations.  There's something for everyone...  actually we pack more activities into a few days than we would normally do in weeks or months.  It's just a blast.  And even though there is so much to do, we also rest.  The staff are truly servants and they take care of us so well.  Ahhhh!  It's just wonderful!  And the Christian atmosphere is so encouraging.  We love "getting away from it all" to enjoy family activities and worship the Lord.
Here are the picture highlights:

Our room/ cabin...

Carnival Night...

First a little friendly father/son competition on the bounce around obstacle course!
where's dad??? 

waiting for dad... 
Well, we are just getting older.  :)
Josiah loved beating his dad in the race! 

Pony rides...

Face painting...
Can you tell this is Shepard??
 Will had to get in on it, too.

Our zombies. 
(I don't care much for zombies at all - the boys hear me say that a lot - but the boys think it's so fun.)
Will and Shepard with Mr. Sam (our family counselor) 

The WAY COOL triple bunk!  The boys rotated beds each night and so they all had a chance to sleep on the very top!

Will injured his leg on the first night at the carnival.  It's just that we didn't know he injured it.  He never said a word about it and we didn't see it happen.  So, on the first morning at camp when he woke up crying, we just put him back to bed thinking he was over tired.  It took awhile to realize that he really did have an injury.  He was asking for help just to roll over in bed and then crying out in pain when we moved him.  But there were no visible marks on his leg so we couldn't tell what was wrong.  But he couldn't walk.  Poor guy.  He rested in bed most of the day until we could get him to the doctor that evening.  The diagnosis:  a strained ligament in his thigh/ hip.  It had tightened up over night and was really painful.  And to top it off, he got stung by a bee after going to the doctor's office.  This was probably not his favorite day. :)  Here he is lounging in bed...
And then watching his brothers on the ropes elements...  it was hard for him because he wanted to do the Screamer element SOOO bad.  Maybe next year...

Shepard and Josiah on the zipline!

Look at him go!  It's a pretty big accomplishment for a 6 year old to climb all the way to the top!  He just tackled it like a pro.  We were impressed! 

Josiah at the top! 
Shep at the top! 

Shepard's going again... 

A special ride on the Gator was just the medicine that Will needed and probably ended up being the highlight of his trip!

and then some much needed rest!

Mr. Sam with the boys...

Goodbye NLR!  See ya next summer!

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