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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swimming Lessons

We had two weeks of swimming lessons this summer at the Hensons.  The boys loved it!  I got to sit with my sweet friend (whose kids were in the same classes) for 3 hours every day.  It was so fun...  even when it was unbearably hot.  The boys did great and learned a lot.  At this point Josiah is an expert swimmer, Shep can tread water and float on his back and can sorta do the american crawl for a few feet and Will is putting his face in the water and understands that the deep end is not safe.  Hey, it's progress!  We'll be back next summer to pick up where we left off...

Here's how Will spends his time waiting for lessons...  a Sonic slush is the perfect treat on a very hot summer day.  And the tire swing is very fun.  Sarah Grace was so sweet to give him a swing every day.

Now it's time to swim (or play in the water).

Shep's turn...

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