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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vacation in Destin

We got to spend a week of vacation on the beach in Destin, FL!
It was fun!  A wonderful break from the normal routine.
And it was a learning curve vacation...  the boys enjoyed the beach and the ocean, but by the end of the week they preferred to just swim in the pool (which did not even have a view of the ocean!).  We're thinking we could swim in a pool without driving all the way to Florida!!  LOL. 
For our crew, beach lounging is fun for a day, but then they are ready to do something else.
They are all begging for a trip to Branson so they can go to Silver Dollar City.  :)

Here's our favorite family portraits in the sand.

Love this one of me and John!!

And here's our fun in the sun pictures.

John got to do a little snorkeling...  maybe you can get him to tell you his beached whale story! :)

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  1. Your hair looks awesome!! So glad you guys had fun!