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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Burning trash and fallen limbs

One of the things we love about living in the country is being able to have bonfires!  And, you know, we have boys...  is there anything more fun than catching a stick on fire! :)
The boys were finally able to do "stick patrol" yesterday.  This is definitely not their favorite job...  there are a LOT of fallen limbs and sticks to pick up around here before mowing season can start.  But, they got it done pretty fast and then we got to burn it all.  (Except the apple wood!  John is saving the limbs he trimmed off the apple trees to shred into chips that he can use with the smoker he got for his birthday.  Mmmmm...  I can hardly wait to have some applewood smoked chicken.)
These are some other pictures I took of the boys while we were all outside enjoying the spring evening and our bonfire.

At sunset we had a tailgate party on the back of John's new truck while we watched the flames. 
So fun!

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