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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

Here are the highlights from our Easter celebration this year...
(My biggest regret is that we didn't do a Passover meal again. The kids missed it too. Maybe next year???)
Coloring eggs on the Saturday before Easter... a tradition! We've been doing this since Josiah was about two or three years old. (Always with the sticker faces!)
We colored our brown farm eggs again...  they turn a really neat "earthy" color!

On Saturday afternoon the kids got to do an egg hunt with their cousins at Mammie and Papaw's house while the adults had a GKS meeting... the big kids hid the eggs and the younger ones got to hunt.  They had so much fun!

Easter morning...

After church, we took a couple more pictures!  The boys looked so handsome!

Sunday evening we had a wonderful meal at my mom and dad's.  We were really glad that my Grandpa came and we got to visit with him!
Mostly, we are grateful for what we really celebrate at Easter... a RISEN SAVIOUR!!

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