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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Branson with the Wasson Side

Last weekend we got to go to Branson with all of John's family!  The boys were SO excited!  We had to adjust our plans a few times due the rainy weather, but we had a great time!  We ended up hanging out quite a bit in the rental house...  and we celebrated some birthdays there.
(Love the photo bomb in this first pic!)

Then we took the kids to ride go-karts.  They loved this!

Look who stopped by!  I was so excited to see my parents who were also in Branson celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary!
Before we left the go-kart place, Matt and Madie decided to try the bungee drop thing...  and to my surprise, Shepard decided he'd like to do it with them!
Here he is signing the sheet before the big fall...
I cracked up when I saw what he signed:
a crossed out S, then "no way"! 
Here they go!

Finally, we made it to Silver Dollar City the next day...  and headed straight for the new roller coaster "Outlaw Run".  Josiah and Shepard rode that with the bigger kids while John and I took the younger kids to play somewhere else.  When we met back up with them, Shepard looked bad.. .sick.  We all thought the ride made him feel bad, but he couldn't get over it all day long.  He didn't want to do anything else all day.  Then we finally figured out that he was actually sick...  and learned that he hadn't been feeling well that morning and didn't even eat any of the Krispy Kreme donuts.  (That's UNHEARD of with our little hobbit!) 
Josiah, on the other hand, LOVED Outlaw Run and rode it several times!

Will loved riding everything he could!
After Shepard had his "magic pill"... ibuprofen... he perked up a little and thought it would be fun to win a monkey by playing darts.
He won two and enjoyed giving the other one to Will.
Then we met back up with the younger kids and found Will like this...
We thought he was just completely wiped out...  turns out he was sick, too.  On the way home Shepard and Will both had fever.  The next day Josiah got it too.  We've spent the whole week recovering!

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