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Friday, May 10, 2013

More Lamb News

More lamb adventures!  (Or misadventures??)  Well, we are definitely learning a lot!
Before we went looking for the new lambs in the woods, John called up the other sheep and they came running!  This is probably one of my favorite things to watch.

The little black sheep got stuck again and had to be rescued...  Shep was great at carrying it through the woods to get it back to its mama.

John was finally able to catch the little white spotted lamb so that he could dock her tail.  She's really a cute little lamb.

But now, the mama sheep has rejected "Blackie"...  and we are bottle feeding him.  It took a few tries, but little Blackie is drinking very well out of our bottle now.  (A converted Coke bottle.)  
Feeding Blackie is going to be Shepard's job and he's super excited about it!  Shepard is already getting very attached because he loves baby animals!
Here are pictures of John and Shep trying to teach Blackie how to drink from a bottle.

But, we're realizing that we are beginning to feel kinda stuck here at home now... the little lamb eats every four hours or so. :)

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