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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The boys make me smile

So, here are the today's funny or cute memories from each of the boys.

Josiah: During his break at soccer practice tonight, he came to get a drink of water out of his water bottle and he showed me that the coach had brought water or Gatorade for all the players. Then Josiah said, "Dad told me that I can't drink that because it has swine flu in it." I said, "Really? Your dad told you that?" He said, "Not exactly... that's just my paraphrase... he really told me to drink my own water."

Shepard: He had the job of cleaning up all the toys this evening and he didn't know I was watching him. First you just have to picture him... he was ready for bed so he was wearing his boxer shorts, but he had also put on this winter knit hat that was WAY too small and had tried to fasten it under his chin. He was also sporting these huge fleece camo gloves which made it hard for him to pick anything up. He had been doing a pretty good job of cleaning up and then I caught him red handed... he tossed that last nerf dart under a chair and then stood up very proud that he hid the toy and called his job complete. He was sure surprised to see me standing there! He did have to retrieve that dart. :)

Will: He learned how to say his name tonight! All evening he keeps saying, "Wi..iiilll, Wi...iiiilll, Wii...llll" You can sure hear the southern drawl in it. It's so cute... he even points at himself as he says it.

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  1. Ohhhhh!!!! Good Job Will!! You're growing up SO fast!! *tear* Thanks for posting these funnies, Miss Heather! The boys are Awesome. They make me laugh everytime!