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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Starting KONOS

We started using a new homeschool curriculum this week - the curriculum isn't new, it's just new for us - and it's called KONOS. John and I are so excited about it and we are already having a lot of fun with it. The kids like it, too. Even Shepard today was pumping his arms in the air saying, "I love science! This is science week and I love it!" This was right after we did an experiment with a bowl, saran wrap, salt and sound waves... they got to yell at the bowl and see the salt dance. :) FUN! I will admit that this hands on approach to school is intimidating to me and out of my comfort zone, but we really like how it makes school exciting and fun and perks an interest to learn more. It also allows us to do a lot of school together even with different age levels and it will enable us to incorporate Dad into school much more. It will integrate a lot of subjects into a lifestyle of learning and not just teaching in separated segments. Well, we'll see how it goes, but so far so good. :) This week we are learning the character trait of attentiveness and the boys have acted out the story of Eli and Samuel, learned a lot of vocabulary words, learned to stand at attention like a soldier and why, studied scripture about being attentive and understand that their ears and eyes are designed by God. Last night John took the boys on an adventure to learn about road signs and they took lots of pictures of the signs. So, today the boys got to make a bicycle course on the driveway by drawing out road signs along the way. Then they got to drive the course they created. I was so impressed when I came out to see the finished course... it was great and had a lot of detail. They were very attentive! :) Here are some pics. (Josiah asked me to put this on the blog.)

They even created the course for two bikes to ride at a time and follow the signs.

Even Will had a chance to drive the course! :)

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