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Monday, September 21, 2009

Will and the syrup incident

Whew! There's been a lot to blog about tonight! But, this one probably takes the cake... or shall I say "SYRUP"!? It was supper time and I could tell that Will was getting hungry because he kept taking food from the pantry to the dining table. I just kept telling him to put things back in the pantry while I was trying to get some things done so that I could start dinner. My back was turned (no, mothers really don't have eyes in the back of their heads or this incident would have never happened!) and then I heard this little yelping noise. I turned around and seriously, it took me a while to process what had just happened - but there stood Will in the doorway to the pantry with his bare feet standing in a puddle of syrup, his hand was still on the syrup bottle in the door shelf. And then I saw it... the lid to the bottle laying on the floor. Ohhhhh, my mind finally started working and I looked closer at his little face - YEP, there was syrup all over his mouth and running down all his clothes into that puddle on the floor. That little stinker had tried to drink the syrup... but it didn't go very well. None of the other boys ever tried this, so it never occurred to me to be on the alert for this. Then it was funny because like a good mom :) I called for Josiah to go get the camera instead of just cleaning him up. Will was not liking that much... the feel of sticky syrup all over him and under his feet was becoming a bit much. When I finally started to take his shirt off he was getting panicky and then he slipped in the syrup and almost fell and that brought the tears.

I finally got that little rascal in the bathtub and he was happy to be there! You've got to know that these little incidents always happen on a day when you are really busy and running behind - you know when you just don't think you have time to deal with it. I was already feeling overwhelmed and stressed. But, guess what? When I got Will in the bath, I assigned the other two boys the job of watching him there and I was able to get the syrup cleaned up. And God is good - it was as if He just provided a time when all the boys were occupied and I was able to catch up on a lot of other things that I needed to do in the kitchen while I was there.

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