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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shepard as Alabaster

This week we got out all our Christmas stuff - the squeals of delight were so fun! Shepard was in video heaven with all the Christmas dvd's available to watch now. I've never seen him jump around in excitment that much! His favorite is about an angel named Alabaster and he always wants to dress up and act out everything that he is interested in, so he made an angel costume. So cute...

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  1. This is a great picture! Thursday night after the play, I was talking to Shep, and he told me that he had an angel costume at home. I was thinking of something "store-bought" like his clone trooper costume, so it completely surprised me when he told me (with a giggly voice) what his wings were made of! ..."Two of Will's night-nights!" :D So funny and cute!!