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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010 at GG's

We had a really fun day at GG's today!  She hosts us all every year for a special Christmas celebration and meal with her.  She's a great cook and prepares lots of goodies for us.  (She also just celebrated her 93rd birthday!)  She's amazing!
Here's Shepard sitting with GG...  (notice his cool new watch - he really loves it!)

A group shot (not everyone though...)

All the kids took turns playing their Christmas music at the organ - even the Wasson boys who don't know how to play anything but sweet noise. :)

The kids had a lot of anticipation to see what was in GG's package...

The Boys Toys!!  Check out the sword fighting...  fun!

"Williot's" Epic Battle...

The bigger boys...

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