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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dry Gulch, USA

We took the boys to Dry Gulch, USA on Sunday and it turned out to be a really fun outing!  We wanted to do something special together as a family that would make a fun Christmas memory for the kids and we did!  Dry Gulch is a western theme camp town with several things to do that the kids really enjoyed - a Christmas train, puppet show, arcade, bumper cars, playground.  Fun!  It was really cold that night, but we bundled up and made a memory!  Here are some highlights...

This is a little train that the little boys rode first:
 Shepard just kicked back for the ride. :)

The boys had a lot of fun at the arcade:

A sweet lady took a picture of our whole family while we waited to ride the big train:

Will was busy making new friends all night long.  He spoke to every costumed worker he saw - he seemed to be especially interested in all the workers at the park.  He would always ask them what their name was and then tell them his name and just start talking about anything he could think of.  He went out of his way to call out to them and get their attention so that he could talk to them.  It just amazes me.  But it is really fun and we meet a lot more people with his friendliness.  He had made friends with this train conductor while we were waiting to ride the train, so when it was time to call "All Aboard" the conductor came and asked Will if he would like to say it on the microphone.  You betcha!  He ran over and was thrilled to call the All Aboard.  I couldn't see his face, but here he is:

Looking out the window of the train:

Will loved the playground - he'll climb anything and is not afraid of heights:

The bumper cars...  a big highlight for Josiah and Shepard.  They were the only two driving for this round and they had a blast.  This was Shepard's first time to ever drive something like this.

It was a FUN night!

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  1. My family needs to hire you as our activities director!!! And by the way, you look so cute in your hat and boots!