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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bowling for Family Night

Friday night is "Family Night" at the Wasson house and this weekend we went bowling!  It was a blast!!  We ate greasy burgers and fries at the table while everyone took turns rolling their ball down the alley.  (I guess I should say everyone but me...  my shoulder is hurting again and I couldn't risk hurting it worse.)  The guys were "high fiving" all over the place and cheering hard for each other.  And then there was the competition between Josiah and Dad...  it was a nail biter... and ended up with a tie game!  (I'll protect the dignity of the fellas and I won't post the score here. :) )  
I wish I had brought my camera along, but my iPhone filled in the pinch.  Here are some pics from the night...

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