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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

We spent the day in Springdale visting my parents... a quick trip, but it was lots of fun.  We did school in the car on the way there.  There was a little car sickness... but we did not lose a day of school!  I'm not sure the boys care about that though. :)
We had to get groceries on the way home and it was dark by the time we finally got home.  So, the boys got out their flashlights and hunted the Valentine gifts from Mammie and Papaw that he had hidden in the yard.  I think it was probably even more fun with flashlights!  The boys were very excited!

Have you ever seen a ring around the moon?  It was so cool!  John researched it...  ice crystals.

And the highlight of our Valentine's Day...  (our Eric and Krisann moment - it's a story from our NLR days...  ask us about it sometime!)...  drumroll please!  John and I bought the same card for the boys to give us!!
We were cracking up!  On the inside the card says:
Often Loud, Always Loveable!
Sort of sounds like Wasson boys!

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