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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Highlights from our Branson trip this week

We had a BLAST in Branson! We are really grateful for our good friends, the Lincks, who invited us to meet them there and stay at their really nice RV Park. We stayed in this perfect little two-bedroom cabin and the boys were thrilled to sleep on bunk beds for the first time. We had so much fun while we were there that we had to rest from our vacation when we got home! :)

We spent one day at Silver Dollar city... here's some pics of us on a few of the rides. The boys loved it all. John and I decided that maybe we are getting too old to ride some of the rides... I don't think either of us has any intention of riding Powder Keg ever again. :) Josiah hopes he grows 1/2" before we go back so that he can ride Wildfire next time! And Shepard, well he spent the whole day telling us how brave he is... he was willing to ride anything they would let him on.

The boys really enjoyed riding go-karts and the bumper boats. Shepard just loved the thrill of it all and Josiah's competitive nature was in full swing. He had a lot of fun racing his buddy, Jared.

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